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Jay: 100 lbs. Lost

Jay: 100 lbs Lost

Coach Loses 100 Pounds in 5 Months

Jay Blazer is a 43 year old teacher and coach. He was called to action when he realized that his weight was affecting his health at an all-too-young age. Jay was dealing with acid reflux and also was given the diagnosis of impaired fasting glucose, which is another term for prediabetes. His blood pressure was on the high side. The father of young children, Jay needed to make the changes necessary to improve his health. Those changes had losing weight at the top of the list.

Jay began the OPTIFAST program in April 2011 and, in 5 months, lost 100 pounds. His blood sugar and blood pressure are both normal without the use of any medications. His percent body fat dropped from 30 to 14%, and his drop in weight was 379 to 279 pounds. Jay is thrilled with his accomplishment, but hopes to continue to lose weight.

Other benefits of his weight loss are many. As a coach, he can now interact with his team on the field and can show them exactly what he needs them to do. He can run without having to stop and catch his breath. Jay no longer worries about fitting into a booth at a restaurant. Most important of all, Jay feels confident that his children have a healthy father who will be there for them as they grow older.

Making smart choices and not going back to old habits are part of the maintenance plan that Jay knows he must follow.