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Jeanne Y: 80 lbs. Lost

Jeanne Y.  is a patient at CONCI’S Polaris office.  In nine months she lost 80 pounds on the OPTIFAST program.  Thanks to weight loss, her general overall health is much improved, and she was able to discontinue use of blood pressure medication.  Jeanne shared her story in the letter she wrote below.

My name is Jeanne, and I am happy to share with you my weight loss journey using the OPTIFAST system.  When I came to CONCI ten months ago, I was having trouble going up and down steps and even struggled walking a short distance without becoming short of breath.  My clothes no longer fit, and I was only comfortable wearing stretch pants and sweatshirts.  After learning the details of the program, I told my husband that we could not afford it.  He said, “Jeanne, you cannot afford not to do the program.”

We both liked the idea that the program was monitored by a doctor and included blood work to ensure a healthy approach to my weight loss.  The OPTIFAST shakes, chocolate bars, and soup, together with water, water, and more water helped to curb my appetite.  Any time I did feel hungry I simply reminded myself of my progress and how much better I felt on a daily basis.

With the help of CONCI and support from my husband, my family, and friends, I have lost 80 pounds.  Now my husband and I are once again going on long walks together and returning to traveling.  I have a new wardrobe, and my husband loves my new look.  I could not be happier! Thank you CONCI and thank you OPTIFAST!

Jeanne Y.

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