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Jeannie B: 80 lbs Lost

Jeannie B Weight Loss Success

Jeannie B. was well aware of the eventual health consequences of carrying excess weight, yet it took years to find the motivation and the right program to prompt her into action. Most of her lab results were normal, so she was not “statistically unhealthy.” With not having any major health issues to motivate her, it was easy to put off doing what she knew she needed to do. With each passing year, however, she knew her health status would eventually deteriorate. The time had come to act on the problem.

Over the years Jeannie tried dieting on her own. She tried programs that offer “options.” Nothing seemed to work for her. Last year Jeannie researched the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and decided to attempt it. She liked the fact that she would be medically monitored during her weight loss. In eight months Jeannie lost 80 pounds! In addition to her sheer determination to lose weight, she felt the key to her success was the weekly conversations with the registered dietitians.

Jeannie is enjoying the benefits of weight loss. In addition to better overall health and a reduced risk of developing diseases related to weight, Jeannie is grateful that she can now move more easily. Taking the stairs at work is effortless. Having lost 15 inches off her waist, she is thrilled to be wearing clothes that she never thought would fit. How exciting it is for her to wear a single digit size! Jeannie lost weight from her fingers to her toes! Her shoes became too big! She was elated to be able to wear her wedding band for the first time in 21 years!

Jeannie is approaching maintenance seriously. She knows it will be hard work and require commitment and change. She measures her food frequently to check herself regarding portion size. She logs her food intake almost daily. She reminds herself about the consequences of returning to old habits. “Be honest with yourself and develop a new attitude towards food.”