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Jeff: 72 lbs. lost

Jeff: 72 lbs lost

Man Bikes 102 Miles after 72 Pounds Loss

Have you gotten to the point where you dread getting on the scale?  Do you worry about your health deteriorating due to your weight? Is your weight limiting your enjoyment of life? If so, read on to see how the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) helped Jeff Lusenhop and how CONCI can help you.

Jeff Lusenhop had a partial knee replacement at the end of last year. While he recuperated from surgery, Jeff’s weight climbed higher than it had ever been. His blood pressure and cholesterol level worsened as he gained weight. He had taken care of his knee. Now it was time to take care of his weight.

Jeff was familiar with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and was confident and comfortable with the center’s highly trained professionals. In just 16 weeks on the OPTIFAST program, Jeff lost 72 pounds. His blood pressure and cholesterol level are now normal without the need for any medication.

Jeff had a great summer! He is now able to do everything he used to do when he was younger. He enjoyed a vacation abroad, returning home with no weight gain. For the first time in over 30 years, he is comfortable wearing a swim suit to the pool. Thanks to his new knee and weight loss, Jeff is walking, golfing, and bike riding. Jeff rode 102 miles in the Pelotonia last month!  Jeff states “That would have been impossible 72 pounds ago.”

Jeff made his health a priority. His desire and determination to improve his health kept him focused on the diet. Now maintaining his weight loss, Jeff is thankful for the gift of good health he received as a result of losing weight.

Jeff has a definite maintenance plan. He is committed to eating a lower fat diet, and family members are motivated to do the same.  Jeff exercises five days a week, focusing on toning and building strength and endurance. He stays accountable to himself by weighing daily and by allotting time for a monthly visit with a CONCI dietitian.

Tired of being overweight and limited in what you can do? Frightened by health problems brought on or made worse by your weight? Contact the specialists at CONCI.  We can help you! Success can be a phone call away!