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Jennifer K: 27 lbs Lost

Jennifer K Weight Loss Success

Jennifer K is a 32 year old school teacher who works 50+ hours each week, has two small children, and, like everyone, does not have enough hours in each day. Despite being a generally healthy eater and a person who enjoys exercise, she gained over 20 pounds in an 18 month timeframe and has struggled to take it and keep it off.

Jennifer’s weight was affecting her quality of life. Although blessed with good health, she described herself as being unhappy most of the time because of her weight. Although she did not have as much weight to lose as many people do, she is an example of how excess weight, regardless of the number of pounds, can be harmful emotionally. To someone who has always been relatively thin, a weight gain that might seem insignificant to a larger person can be disconcerting to someone who has never struggled with weight. This was the case with Jennifer.

As she continued to gain weight, Jennifer realized she was getting depressed. She was allowing her weight to interfere with her family life, to affect her mood, and to consume her thoughts. In the interest of her family and her own mental health, she needed to address the problem.

Being short on patience, Jennifer wanted quick results, but also wanted to lose weight safely. She researched her options carefully, and chose the Central Ohio Nutrition Center because it was a comprehensive program with medical and nutritional support and a staff with years of experience. The fact that CONCI has been in business for over 35 years contributed to her comfort level and confidence that she would receive excellent care.

Jennifer started the OPTIFAST program in January 2015 and lost 27 pounds in ten weeks. She looks and feels great, and her mental health and quality of life are much improved.  She sleeps better and has noticed that her skin has improved with good nutrition. Realizing how much her self-image is dependent on her weight, she knows that constant vigilance with diet and exercise is necessary to keep her both physically and mentally  where she likes to be.

CONCI understands how important appearance can be. Although the staff loves to see patients “love their new look,” the clinic’s main emphasis is to improve health through weight loss in those who come in with deteriorating health largely due to their weight. Losing weight is a win-win when both health and appearance improves!