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Jill: 105 lbs. Lost

Jill 105 lbs Lost

When weight gets in the way of a healthy and fulfilling life, it is time to assess what is important. Jill Campbell, the mother of three young daughters, saw her health declining and was having difficulty keeping up with her children. She reminded herself that she was too young to have the health problems she was dealing with, and her girls did not deserve to have an overweight mom. It was her responsibility as a mother to be a good role model for her daughters. Jill decided that, despite her busy career and lots of excuses, she had to make time to take better care of herself.

Jill chose the OPTIFAST program as her means of losing weight. The elimination of all food choices fit well into her lifestyle of being constantly on the go with her work and with her kids. In nine months Jill lost 105 pounds and dropped her BMI (body mass index) from 46 to under 30.

Jill’s success reaches beyond her loss of pounds. Her health improved so much that her primary care physician took her off all of her blood pressure medication. Her elevated liver enzymes, a common problem seen with excess weight, are back within normal range. Before losing weight, being overweight was her excuse for not being active. She is now training for a 5K this Spring! No longer limited by her weight, Jill feels that there is nothing that is impossible for her to attempt…like training for a 5K!

Those who have never struggled with weight are unaware of the many subtle things that are impacted by excess pounds. Jill shared a few of these by describing some of her touching experiences since losing weight. Prior to weight loss, her daughters could not get their arms all the way around Jill’s waist when giving their mom a hug. Now, their hugs completely encircle their mom! She can sit on the floor with her kids and get up easily! When she was heavy, it bothered Jill that, due to pain, she could not pray on her knees at Bible study. It brings her great joy to now be on her knees in prayer, pain-free!

Last of all, prior to getting serious about losing weight, Jill had a conversation with her mother. She asked her if there was anything in her life she regretted and would do over if it was possible. Without hesitation her mother said, “I would not waste so much time thinking I was fat, yet not do anything about it.” Mothers always have great advice. Jill addressed her weight shortly after that conversation.