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Joe: 21 lbs. Lost

Joe: 21 lbs. Lost

A family picture was taken at Joe Simms’ 85th birthday party. Not happy with how he looked in that picture, Joe decided he wanted to get back to the weight he was at age 55.

Joe contacted CONCI for professional help. Wanting to lose his weight on a traditional food plan, Joe met with a registered dietitian on a regular basis. He lost 10% of his weight in 8 months and met his goal. Determined not to regain the weight, Joe continues to meet with his dietitian once a month and is committed to exercise at a fitness center 3 times each week.

Joe is thrilled with how he has benefited from weight loss. He no longer needs blood pressure medication, and his mobility has greatly improved. Joe states, “My walk no longer reflects my age. I am full of energy.”

Anyone at any age can lose weight if the motivation to do it is there. Joe is a wonderful example of this. Research has shown that as little as a 10% drop in weight can result in a marked improvement in health. Joe is a great example of that as well.

The Central Ohio Nutrition Center recognizes that the OPTIFAST program is not for everyone. For that reason, the center offers other diet options as well. Joe lost his weight on a low calorie food plan designed by a registered dietitian with Joe’s lifestyle in mind. CONCI prides itself in the professional care it provides to patients, but also in the compassionate care offered as well. Joe felt comfortable at CONCI because of the support and genuine interest the staff took in him.