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John S: 130 lbs. Lost

john s weight loss success

Because of health issues largely due to excess weight, John S’s doctor referred him to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. At age 63, he weighed 320 pounds and was dealing with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. Knee and ankle pain limited his mobility and impacted his quality of life. John had been overweight most of his life, but in the five years after he retired from an active railroad job, his weight increased by 70 pounds and hit an all-time high.

John began the OPTIFAST program and lost 120 pounds in ten months. As he transitioned back to a healthy food plan, John lost an additional 10 pounds. He lost 40.6% of his total body weight and is now under 200 pounds! His BMI (Body Mass Index) dropped from 48.7 to 29.7, and his waist dropped from 57 inches to 44.

John has benefited greatly from his weight loss. His blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels are all within the normal range. His knee and ankle pain has decreased substantially, to the point that he walks a mile daily and can do outside work again. With his energy level much improved, John has even taken on a part-time holiday job. His quality of sleep is better, and he states that overall he has “a happier life.”

John has a new-found confidence that he can maintain his weight as he follows up monthly with CONCI dietitians and attends informational maintenance classes at the Grove City office.  While he lost weight using OPTIFAST, he found that attending the weekly classes at CONCI helped him prepare for “life after OPTIFAST.” Convinced that record keeping proves helpful with controlling weight, John routinely monitors his food intake using one of the many available apps. Weighing and measuring his food keeps him on track with portion control. Although maintenance takes some work, John is accepting of “what it takes” to keep the weight off.