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Jon: 72 lbs. Lost

Jon lost 75 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Mastering Maintenance

So often we hear how people lose weight only to gain it back in a short period of time. Hearing this discourages many people to even consider trying to lose their excess weight. To encourage those who may fall into this category, we include this update on our patient Jon Shook.

Jon was overweight his entire life and gained even more  weight when he stopped smoking. Along with the excess weight came high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Jon  weighed 345 pounds in 2000. Being only 34 years old and the father of  two young children, Jon knew the weight had to come off. Dieting on his own, he managed to get down to 300 pounds in 2005. Still having a lot to lose, Jon began the OPTIFAST program in June 2005. By February 2006, he had lost 72 pounds and was down to 228.

Jon has maintained a weight between 235 and 240 for the past three years. In terms of percentage, he has maintained a 22% weight loss over the past three years, based on his starting weight of 300. He has actually maintained an even higher percentage  (32%) when taking into consideration his 45 pound loss prior to starting the OPTIFAST program. Research has shown that even a 10% weight loss has a significant positive impact on one’s health. With keeping so much weight off, Jon has provided “health assurance” for both himself and his young family.

Jon stays in close contact with CONCI. He uses the OPTIFAST product to get back on track when he sees his weight beginning to climb. Jon is a good example of how “staying in treatment” makes all the difference.