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Judi F: 64 lbs Lost

judi f weight loss success

It is not too often that a patient seeking weight loss help comes to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center without medical issues. Other than reflux, Judi F., despite being significantly overweight, had not yet developed the medical issues that frequently result from excess weight.

Always having struggled with weight, Judi started dieting at age 16, but saw little success. Excess weight was a problem her entire adult life. Eleven years ago, her brother passed away suddenly. Judi’s journey began after the loss of her brother. As a result of that family tragedy, she realized the importance of taking care of herself physically, even though she was not currently struggling with medical problems. In August of 2016, despite consistent exercise, she reached a stubborn plateau with weight loss.

Judi saw her sister-in-law have success on the OPTIFAST program. Wanting to break the frustrating plateau and lose more weight, she decided to start the OPTIFAST program. Judi felt it was time to “break up” with food and develop a new attitude towards it. In less than five months, she lost 51 pounds. She lost 10 inches off her waist, and her body fat percentage dropped from 36% to 28%.

Being a pre-school teacher, Judi needs limitless energy. She no longer tires easily when playing with her students. She feels stronger and more fit and can run a 12-minute mile. Hating how her clothes fit is no longer a problem. She loves fitting into a size 8!

Judi has approached maintenance with a positive outlook. Her “break up” with food has ended, and she now has a new relationship with what she chooses to eat.

After transitioning back to food, Judi decided to try the drug phentermine to help with hunger and appetite control. She has lost an additional 13 pounds for a total loss of 64 pounds.