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Judy H: Lost 55 lbs. in 11 Months

Judy H. is a “young” 78-year-old who was ready to lose weight so that she could do the things that she wanted to do. She was tired of hurting whenever she walked, and going up steps took more effort than it should. Judy was being inconvenienced by her weight!  In addition to wanting to improve her quality of life, she knew that weight loss would help her osteoarthritis, elevated cholesterol, and sleep apnea.

Judy was looking for a safe, supervised liquid diet and had heard positive reviews about the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.  She began the OPTIFAST program and lost 55 pounds in 11 months.  Understanding the need for a good knowledge base about food, calories, and behavior change, Judy regularly attended group classes that prepared her for her return to food once her goal weight was met.

The benefits of Judy’s weight loss are many.  She requires less medication, does not hurt when she walks, has no difficulty going up steps, can exercise without becoming exhausted, and has an overall positive attitude. Another welcomed change was a 10- inch loss in her waist. She is back to being her “young” self!   Judy recently took a trip abroad which she never would have attempted had she not lost weight!   She is no longer inconvenienced by her weight!

Maintaining a weight loss takes work, and Judy realizes that.  Convinced that exercise is a necessary part of maintenance, Judy belongs to two fitness centers. A good portion of her exercise is in the form of swimming.  By attending a support group at the center on a regular basis, her frequent visits help with accountability.  Since transitioning back to food, Judy lost an additional 5 pounds.

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