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Justin: 107 lbs lost

Justin: 107 POUNDS LOST

At age 34 Justin E. weighed 360 pounds. Although not overweight as a child, he described himself as being overweight his entire adult life. Despite his young age, Justin was already experiencing the medical issues that are often the consequence of obesity. He was on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. As is common in those carrying excess weight, Justin was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. Both of his parents are diabetic. Justin has seen the consequences that disease can have, and did not want to “own” that disease himself. He knew that losing weight might give him the opportunity to rid himself of the diagnosis of diabetes.

The 39-year-old father of two small children, it was important to Justin to become heathy for both his own good and the good of his children. Another impetus for losing weight was the social stigma of being overweight. He wanted to feel better about himself.

In January 2018 Justin set a goal of losing 100 pounds and made the decision to begin the OPTIFAST program. He wanted a program that offered fast weight loss that was safe and medically supervised. In just 4 months Justin lost 107 pounds, averaging a loss of 6 pounds each week. With the help of CONCI dietitians, Justin controlled his diet and weight while on a work-related trip to Japan. He ate a controlled amount of food while away, and then resumed his OPTIFAST program upon return. What a great example of the fact that “life goes on” while losing weight, and that, with knowledge and determination, success can continue.

Although the benefits of weight loss are many, Justin is first and foremost celebrating his blood sugar level returning to the normal range WITHOUT medication. Not only did he stop all diabetic medication, he was also able to discontinue use of medication for high blood pressure. His waist size dropped from 52 inches to 44; his body fat percentage dropped from 34% to 19%. Thrilled that his kids no longer have an overweight dad, Justin’s self-image and self-esteem is back.

Prior to losing weight, Justin did not think it was possible to have fun without food. He struggled with that at first when starting the program. He is the first to admit that he “hates” to exercise. However, he discovered that what he didn’t like was cardio exercise. He found that he enjoys strength-training, so he focuses on that. Justin realizes that self-discovery and acceptance of lifestyle changes are a huge part of the weight loss process and key for long-term maintenance. He now understands that fun IS possible without food. Life is so much better weighing 107 pounds less.