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Justin: 192 lbs. Lost

Justin 192 lbs Lost

34 year old Justin Gang came to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center weighing 437 pounds. His weight gain was gradual but consistent since childhood. Despite his young age, he was already dealing with high blood pressure and gastric reflux.

Justin is the manager of a family-owned business that sells snack foods and ice cream. His work environment is one of constant temptation. At over 400 pounds, mobility was becoming an issue not just at work but in all aspects of his life. Justin’s incentive to address his weight was twofold – fear about his decline in health and frustration about his difficulty getting around at such a young age.

Justin chose the OPTIFAST program as his method of weight loss. His dad began the program at the same time to improve his own health and to support his son. Justin started the diet in January of 2011 and by March of 2012 (14 months) he had lost 185 pounds. He has been maintaining his weight loss for 14 months now and has even lost an additional 7 pounds.

Such a significant weight loss resulted in impressive improvements in health. Justin’s blood pressure is back to normal without any need for medication, and reflux is no longer a problem. Needless to say, mobility problems are in his past.

Justin stays accountable by coming to the clinic for frequent weigh-ins, usually 3 times each month. His father continues with follow-up visits as well. This contact with CONCI keeps them both on track and quick to catch any slips.

Now 37 years old, Justin feels like he should at his age and is determined to keep feeling that way by keeping his weight off.