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Kathy: 120 lbs. Lost

Kathy: 120 lbs. Lost

Marriage and three children, a sedentary lifestyle, and a fast-paced job in real estate all contributed to Kathy Chiero’s weight gain of 120 pounds over a 20 year timeframe. Her typical 9-10 hour workday required getting in and out of the car countless times and going up and down stairs when showing houses. After a long day with clients, her knees would hurt so badly that applying ice to them became a daily end-of-day routine. The excess weight had taken its toll to the extent that knee surgery was recommended.

Kathy’s knees caused her physical pain. Emotionally, she hated herself. Having once worked as a TV reporter, appearance was important to Kathy. After gaining weight, she avoided mirrors and photographs. She felt sure that her lack of confidence in her appearance could impact her success in her current endeavors.

It was time to address both her physical and emotional needs. Kathy needed a diet plan that was regimented, accountable, and had no choices. She wanted a program that was reputable. The OPTIFAST program appealed to her because it met all those criteria. She began the OPTIFAST program in June 2011, and, by February 2012, she had lost 120 pounds.

The benefits of her weight loss are many. Her knees no longer hurt. In fact, Kathy now runs 3 miles each day side by side on the treadmill with her athletic kids. Her cholesterol is within the normal range. She dropped 8 clothing sizes. She is confident that she can keep up with her demanding job. She can walk up to others in business and in her personal life with the confidence that she looks good – not just relying as she had done previously on a “sparkling personality.” “I like myself again! I feel better at age 52 than I did at 30. People tell me that I look 20 years younger!” She is thrilled to be an inspiration to friends who are trying to lose weight, she is touched when she hears her kids bragging about their mom, and she is thrilled that her husband expresses great pride in her accomplishment.

Kathy offers the following advice to anyone contemplating weight loss: “Set your mind to look at food like it’s a piece of furniture – it’s there, but has no appeal other than its existence and functionality.” What an interesting viewpoint from a realtor’s perspective!

Kathy felt confident with the staff at CONCI. “CONCI has real medical professionals, not just people wearing white coats to look like doctors. They are real professionals who care about their patient’s success. I was impressed that several staff members have been with CONCI for many, many years – meaning they have a vested interest in the program and stand behind it.”