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Kathy: 88 lbs. lost

Kathy: 88 lbs lost

Music Teacher Maintaining 88 Pounds Loss

Kathy Vansant ignored her doctor for a long time. Her doctor told her she had high blood pressure and exercise-induced asthma because of her weight. Rather than doing the obvious by following her doctor’s advice to lose weight, Kathy “took the easy way out” by taking medications for these problems. Kathy is a very busy, constantly on-the-run music teacher. At first it seemed “easier” to take medication than to put in the effort to diet and exercise. But, as time went on, it became clear to Kathy that the excess weight took a toll beyond the medical issues she already was dealing with. It was time to stop ignoring and begin taking her doctor’s advice.

Before even considering losing weight, Kathy watched a friend lose 90 pounds on the OPTIFAST® program. Amazed at his transformation, she inquired about the program.  Her friend’s encouraging words – “Kathy, you can do this!” – gave her the incentive to get started. Kathy started the diet in June 2010.  Nine months later, she had dropped 88 pounds!

Kathy’s transformation has been amazing as well. Her physical transformation is readily apparent in her pictures. The thought of wearing a size 8 pant was nothing more than a dream a year ago. Now, it is a reality!  She climbs stairs without huffing and puffing and without chest pain. She can work in her yard without having trouble breathing. She can get down on the floor with her children’s choir. Best of all, just one month into her weight loss, she was able to discontinue both her blood pressure and asthma medications!

Kathy is thankful for the encouragement she received from her friends, students, and family. She appreciated the personal attention she received at CONCI. The friendly and supportive staff began to feel like family as well as they supported her throughout her weight loss journey.

Kathy heard many people say, “I know someone who did that diet and they gained all the weight back.” Kathy is determined to prove that doesn’t have to happen. “If you follow the program, it works. If you don’t…”

Kathy now agrees that it is important to take the advice of your doctor!