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Kellie E: 40 lbs. Lost

Kellie E 40 lbs Lost

Kellie E. is a CONCI patient who lost 35 pounds in 28 weeks on the OPTIFAST program and has been maintaining her weight for over 14 months now. In fact, she has continued to lose weight since beginning maintenance. She lost an additional 5 pounds and hopes to lose 15 more to reach her goal. The following is a letter received from Kellie describing the positive changes she has experienced as a result of her weight loss.

One day in August 2012, I entered the Bethel Road CONCI and noticed a signup sheet for a contest hanging on the wall. Curious, I looked more closely to see what it was all about, thinking, “Contest? What contest?”

It was a walking challenge. I really liked to walk years ago, and I was a pretty fast “power-walker,” but, over the course of time my disciplined walking went by the wayside and my weight climbed. I became excited about the contest and thought that this might be just the thing I needed to get serious about exercise again. The CONCI walking challenge was incentive for me to start moving, so I entered the contest.

I had already missed out on healthy challenges offered by my workplace. When offered a free pedometer at work as an incentive, I thought, “Who needs one of those?” Now it was obvious that I did, and I now own one. Counting my steps became a concrete way to monitor my progress, and it made me feel like I had a personal trainer right there on my hip!

And so I walked. I walked alone, I walked with my husband, and I walked three dogs twice a day. I discovered that I just LOVE to track my steps. Each day I would try to match or surpass the distance walked the day before. Each month, I tried to beat the previous month’s total. It became more than a good habit. It became a life-changing daily challenge!

By the end of the walking contest, I had walked over 200,000 steps! I won the contest, but more importantly, I won my personal challenge. I decided to continue my walking, and I tracked my progress for an ENTIRE YEAR! By the end of a year, I walked 2,996,548 steps which equaled 1,418 miles! That is the distance from Columbus to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

It never crossed my mind that entering CONCI’S walking challenge contest would lead to such an enduring and healthy lifestyle change in me. I am convinced that walking 8,000-10,000 steps daily is key to weight loss and maintenance and, therefore, I continue to walk daily. I also feel that taking the responsibility to become educated about nutrition and exercise is crucial to success, along with feeling hopeful rather than hopeless. Despite a busy life, I make exercise a priority, and I find the time to walk. This is my time. I am worth it!