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Ken R: 111 lbs Lost

Ken R 111 lbs Lost

Ken R. is one of many health professionals who did not take care of himself in the way he knew he should. A busy lifestyle, good food, and bad habits that were hard to break all got in the way. Now in his 50’s, his blood pressure continued to climb, his diabetes was in  poor control despite taking medication, and his doctor had no choice but to keep adding more and more medicine since Ken kept putting off taking better care of himself. As he exceeded 300 pounds, it became harder and harder to simply move around. Ken has grandchildren. It finally dawned on him that he would like to see them grow up.

Ken checked out the Central Ohio Nutrition Center on the advice of his doctor. He followed the OPTIFAST program for 7 months and lost 35% of his initial weight – 111 pounds! He is no longer taking NINE prescription medications that he had taken prior to weight loss. Previously on 3 medications for diabetes (including insulin), he now takes none. Ken stated, “My health has improved 200%!” An added bonus is that Ken’s pant size dropped from 58 to 34!

Ken’s commitment to wellness was demonstrated by his consistent attendance at the Grove City weekly classes offered by the dietitians. Thanks to the informative classes, Ken feels well equipped to manage his weight. With the transformation in his health and quality of life, Ken hopes to be an inspiration to others to do the same.

At a return visit to see his primary care physician who had referred him to CONCI, the doctor came into the room and quickly apologized for being in the wrong room. He apologized because he did not recognize Ken! How great is that?!