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Kimberly: 121 lbs. lost

Kimberly : 121 lbs lost

Diabetes motivates local woman to lose 121 pounds

Kimberly Keith was given the ultimate wake-up call. A diabetic on insulin who also has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reflux, and circulation problems, Kim was told by her doctor that, in her present condition, she should not plan to live more than six months. Her doctor had finally gotten her attention.

Like many who come to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, Kim chose to follow the OPTIFAST program. This is an 800 calorie high protein full meal replacement diet that has been available for over 30 years. Many patients choose to start the program during the holidays. They do very well and lose instead of gaining the typical holiday weight. Having a strong determination to lose the weight is the key to success.

Kim began her weight loss journey in January of 2010, and, by early October, had lost 121 pounds. After losing 69 pounds, Kim no longer needed insulin to control her diabetes. That alone made the effort more than worth it! Only oral medication is needed now to keep her blood sugar in check. As she lost weight, she no longer required water pills to control blood pressure and swelling issues.

The benefits she has seen from weight loss extend beyond better health. Now capable of exercise, Kim walks three miles each day. She feels good about herself when she looks in the mirror. Shopping for clothes is now a treat rather than a dreaded task.