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Kurt: 105 Pounds Lost

A patient at CONCI’S Polaris office, Kurt K., lost 105 pounds and 34% of his body weight in about six months on the OPTIFAST® program. Below is correspondence received from him where he described his OPTIFAST experience.

“I’ve heard it said that there is no zealot like a convert. Consider me a convert! The OPTIFAST® program literally changed my life.

In addition to my 105-pound weight loss, my pant size has gone from a 52-inch waist to a 38-inch waist. My shirt size has gone from a XXXL to an L. My glucose level has dropped from 230 to 77. And all other lab results fall into the normal range. It has been incredible.

But more important than the numbers are how I look and feel. I began the program for two reasons: First, I didn’t like the way I looked. At over 300 pounds, I was classified as morbidly obese. I was uncomfortable appearing in pictures. I winced when I looked in the mirror. I was not proud of myself. Even worse, I felt uncomfortable most of the time. My knees and hips ached when I walked. I snored excessively. I avoided virtually all physical activity. I was the poster boy for couch potatoes.

Now, I like the way I look and am happy to be included in photos. I walk a mile every morning and have no joint pain. According to my wife, I have completely stopped snoring. And I feel twenty years younger than I did when I started the program. I am healthy once again.

Prior to starting OPTIFAST®, I spent three months considering all diet programs available. I prepared myself intellectually and emotionally for a multi-month weight loss program. I decided that I liked the simplicity of the OPTIFAST® approach – no special menus and meal preparation; just five shakes a day and no solid food. The medical and nutritional supervision was also very important to me. After an orientation session and a physical, I was cleared to start the program.

I found the shakes to be very good. My favorite was, and continues to be, a vanilla shake mixed with diet orange soda. It tastes like a Creamsicle. I had one for breakfast every morning and intend to keep enjoying them for the rest of my life. Why not? 160 calories, balanced nutrition, and a tasty smoothie. The other shakes were good and very filling as well. Hunger was never a problem when on the program.

I used the OPTIFAST® bars for afternoon and evening snacks while on the program and they continue to be my go-to snack as I strive to maintain my weight.

A critical part of the program was the medical supervision and nutritional guidance. Both my wife and I were initially concerned about the medical implications of an extended period with no solid food. Weekly visits with a nutritionist and a doctor and bi-weekly blood tests alleviated those concerns. During the maintenance phase of the program, I intend to continue regular visits to the center, with a particular focus on nutritional counseling.

What a journey this has been – physical, emotional, and intellectual. For those now on the program, I encourage you to stay the course. The end-game benefits are certainly worth it. For those considering starting the program, my advice is to “Just Do It!”

-Kurt K.