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Laura: 100 lbs. Lost

Laura lost 100 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

This is why we do what we do…

Laura Reed is a CONCI patient who is nearing the end of her journey on the OPTIFAST diet. The following is a letter we received from her describing the positive changes she has experienced as a result of losing over 100 pounds. As health professionals, her new lease on life is “why we do what we do.”

Losing 114 pounds in eleven months has brought considerable changes in my life. Routine activities such as walking short distances, bending down to pick things up off the floor and going up stairs are much easier than before. I’ve gone from wearing size 24 (3X) to size 14 (L), and I cannot begin to express my elation in wearing clothing from the misses department instead of from the “plus size” section of the store! Everything I wear has gone down in size – tops, pants, ring size, and even my shoe size had gotten smaller. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped significantly.

Beyond the obvious changes in my appearance, I’ve also been told that my personality has undergone a sort of metamorphosis. I feel much better about myself. My mood has improved from feeling like an utter failure in life to feeling much more optimistic about the future. Now that I’ve experiencd the success of weight loss, I feel that I can accomplish nearly any goal I set for myself.

OPTIFAST was definitely the right diet plan for me. Before I went to CONCI, I was completely unaware that an option like OPTIFAST existed. Once I learned about it and how it worked, I knew that it was exactly what I needed to achieve the success I so desperately needed. I am so grateful to everyone at CONCI and to everyone else in my support system for giving me the much-needed boost in my self-confidence. Although there is more weight to lose, I am a thinner person than I was before; now, I am a whole new ME.

Laura J. Reed