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Laura lost 80lbs

Both gaining and losing a large amount of weight in her late teens/early 20s was a challenge Laura Palmer will never forget. She clearly remembers not only the negative effect the weight had on her health, but also her health’s rapid improvement as she lost weight.  Laura’s career path led her to radio.  As a radio air talent, being heard but not seen was a potential slippery slope regarding weight, but with being committed to exercise, Laura managed to keep her weight in check.

15 years after her large weight gain and loss, Laura was happily married and pregnant with her first child.  The pregnancy resulted in a beautiful daughter but also an 80-pound weight gain. The excess weight caused a 20-year-old knee injury to flare up.  With a bad knee and her energy almost nonexistent, Laura stopped all types of exercise she had previously enjoyed so much.   No longer looking like herself and feeling terrible physically, Laura was unable to fit into any of her pre-pregnancy clothes (or shoes or wedding ring).  Memories of her weight gain 15 years ago painfully came to mind.  Not only did she feel terrible physically but also mentally.

Laura’s mother lost 50 pounds on the OPTIFAST program about 30 years ago, so she had confidence that it was a program that might work for her as well.  She reminded herself of the welcomed return to good health after losing weight previously.  As a new mother and wife, Laura wanted a healthy long life with her family.  She wanted to enjoy the stamina and energy she felt pre-pregnancy and wanted to be able to keep up with an active partner and little girl.  Having been a former ballroom dance instructor, she wanted her figure back as well as the ability to do all things physical from dancing to hiking.

Laura followed the OPTIFAST program for 7 months, lost 80 pounds, and reclaimed her health, her energy and stamina, her figure, and her confidence.  She is relieved to be physically active again because exercise was always critical to maintaining her weight in the past.  She is back to dancing, yoga, hiking, and kayaking, all activities she is passionate about. Laura is thrilled to look “like herself” again and, more importantly, to feel healthy, full of life and energy.