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Linda P: 34 lbs Lost

Linda P 34 lbs Lost

Linda Porter’s son lost over 150 pounds in about 6 months on the OPTIFAST program. As his weight dropped, her son realized how incrementally better he felt with every 10-15 pound loss. Although he shared that fact with his mother, his improvement both physically and mentally was already apparent to her.

Also needing to lose weight and inspired by her son’s success, Linda Porter began the OPTIFAST program as well! “Seeing is believing!” After witnessing her son’s transformation in record time, OPTIFAST was the only way Linda Porter could imagine losing her weight. Linda was also comfortable using this approach because of the fact that CONCI’S medically monitored weight loss program had been in operation for many years and that many patients have been successful with it.

“I can’t change my age but I can take control over my weight,” stated Linda. She knew her aches and pains were all weight-related. She also knew that better health and quality of life were awaiting her if she lost weight. She needed a change, and she needed to do it for no one but herself.

In 3½ months Linda lost 34 pounds. Health-wise, her blood pressure is back to normal. In regard to quality of life, her productivity is much improved and she can exercise more easily with her improved mobility. Her quality of sleep is so much better that she actually sleeps less. Climbing stairs is no longer a painful chore. Always having loved working in her garden and mowing grass, Linda can now do both in the same day. She will be attending her 50th class reunion this summer weighing the same as she did when she graduated high school! What Linda considers “the best” is that her grandchildren don’t wear her out like before! Linda describes her weight loss journey as a time in her life that losing means winning.

As Linda was nearing the end of her weight loss, she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. “It helped being in good physical and mental health while going through this bump in the road,” said Linda. As a breast cancer survivor, being at a healthy weight is important. Her timing in losing the weight was a blessing!

Linda has good pearls of wisdom that are best said in her own words… “Good eating habits are often tried by others when they see it working. It is being passed around our family now and viewed by grandchildren who will never have to worry about their weight if they learn now. It is important to remember that new healthy foods can replace those things that got you into trouble with your weight. Be open to the idea of trying new foods, even if you did not like them in the past.”