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Lisa: 80 lbs. Lost

Lisa lost 80 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Making Health a Priority Results in 80 Pounds Loss

Lisa learned a long time ago that good advice only falls on open ears (and minds). She was given plenty of advice over the years, solicited or not, but, until she was ready to hear it, she did not listen. In late 2007, Lisa was finally ready to hear it. She realized that being healthy had to become a priority for her, and that she was the only one who could make it happen.

Lisa began the OPTIFAST program in November 2007. By the end of July 2008, Lisa had lost 60 pounds. For the majority of her weight loss, Lisa ate one meal daily supplemented with 4 OPTIFAST. After successfully maintaining her weight loss for two months, Lisa made the decision to continue a low calorie diet using some of the OPTIFAST product along with healthy food choices. Following that decision, Lisa lost an additional 20 pounds.

Lisa found the support of CONCI’S group classes invaluable, not only because of the knowledge she acquired, but for the support received from people there for the same reason she was. The accountability built into her biweekly visits to the clinic has helped her stay focused.

Lisa wanted others to know that it is possible to succeed on OPTIFAST even when going through major life events and life changes. While on the diet, Lisa’s dad died as well as an uncle very dear to her. At the same time, she made a job change. Although the change was positive, the new position involved more hours and the stress that comes with more responsibility. Through all these events, Lisa stayed focused and did not turn to food. She credits the pride her dad had in her success as the source of her ability to continue the diet during such a rough time.

Lisa had become very judicious in her food choices. Also, getting back into exercise has become a priority. She is aware that it is needed in order to maintain her weight, but it has also become her outlet for stress relief instead of turning to food.

Lisa has not been in a hurry in her journey. Her focus was to become as healthy as she could be in whatever timeframe it took to get there.