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Lisa and Stefani: 200 lbs Lost Combined

Lisa and Stefani Weight Loss Success

At age 44 Lisa H. decided it was time to stop ignoring the fact that she was overweight. She realized that she was in terrible shape and in jeopardy of having weight-related medical problems. She had two daughters in college and wanted the pleasure of watching them become the fantastic women they were well on their way to becoming. The possibility that poor health could prevent her from experiencing those proud moments in her daughters’ lives was Lisa’s call to action.

In 2012 Lisa lost 58 pounds in 8 months on the OPTIFAST program. She took an 8 month break from the diet and then resumed it in May of 2013 in order to reach her final goal. By the end of 2013, Lisa lost a total of 100 pounds!  Lisa is maintaining her weight loss now for almost 2 years. She and her husband are planning to renew their wedding vows in June 2016, and she intends to wear the dress she wore down the aisle 25 years ago. Lisa laughs at a comment a friend of the family made to her husband – he asked her husband if he enjoyed having half a wife!

One of Lisa’s daughters, Stefani, also struggled with her weight. Having graduated from college, she was living at home and could see her mother’s changed behaviors in regard to food and exercise. Inspired by her mom’s success, Stefani followed in her footsteps and began the OPTIFAST program. In just 10 months, she too lost 100 pounds!

Her mom was and continues to be a good role model and support person. They both accomplished something very challenging and are very proud of each other. Knowing that maintenance is a new and tough journey, they realize that there will be bumps in the road. Aware that ‘knowledge is power,’ together they take time to learn more about exercise and healthier food options.

Lisa and Stefani recently took a trip to Austria. Stefani described her memorable visit to a museum. Seeing the museum involved climbing a steep spiral staircase that led from room to room. “Prior to losing weight, those stairs would have left me winded. It would have been a miserable experience that ruined the visit to the museum for me. But, because I had lost weight, the steps were no problem! That was a great day!”