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Lisa H: 100 lbs. Lost

Lisa H Weight Loss Success

At age 44 Lisa H. decided it was time to stop ignoring the fact that she was overweight. She realized that she was in terrible shape and on her way to having medical problems because of her weight. She had two daughters in college and wanted the pleasure of watching them become the fantastic women they were well on their way to becoming. The possibility that poor health could prevent her from experiencing those proud moments in her daughters’ lives was Lisa’s call to action.

Never having attempted weight loss previously, Lisa was drawn to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center because of the comprehensive programs offered. With several options to choose from, Lisa decided on the OPTIFAST program as her means to drop the weight. The program appealed to her because of the required supervision by a physician as well as having the services of a registered dietitian available weekly. Lisa approached her challenge with a large overall goal and also with small weekly goals. In 2012 Lisa lost 58 pounds in 8 months. She took an 8 month break from the diet and then resumed it in May of 2013 in order to reach her final goal. By the end of 2013, Lisa lost a total of 100 pounds!

Lisa is maintaining her weight loss now for 6 months. She remembers the listless person she was prior to weight loss. Her energy level is great, and she loves what she can now do that was not possible when she was 100 pounds heavier. She continues to attend maintenance classes at CONCI and feels that continued contact with the clinic helps her keep accountable. She has become good friends with another patient who she saw regularly in the clinic. Besides having similar interests, the two have become good friends and are great support for one another.

Lisa lost the weight, gained a good friend, and gave herself the assurance that, because of restored health, she would likely watch proudly as her daughters launch their careers.