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Lori: 110 lbs. lost

Lori: 110 lbs lost

110 Pounds and Counting!

Lori M is a second grade teacher who admitted she was addicted to food. At 332 pounds, she was experiencing the negative effects that weight can have on health. Her blood pressure and cholesterol were too high, she had sleep apnea, and her knees ached from carrying around too much weight. She suffered from migraine headaches which were caused by her high blood pressure. Lori stated, “I would eat even when I was not hungry.” It was time to address her eating habits in order to address her health issues. It was time to take care of herself.

Lori decided to take care of herself by doing something drastic. She took a year off from teaching in order to focus completely on herself. She was ready, and she wanted to diet using OPTIFAST. With a start date of July 2010, Lori has already lost 110 pounds! She continues on the OPTIFAST program, determined to lose an additional 50-70 pounds.

Losing weight and improving health was a family affair. Lori’s parents wanted to see her succeed with weight loss. Her parents showed their encouragement and support by starting the OPTIFAST program themselves! They were determined to do this together, and they are all succeeding.

One of Lori’s goals is to fit into a size 12. Before losing weight she wore size 30; she is currently in size 20. Because of her sleep apnea, Lori used a C-pap machine which she hated. She no longer has a need for the machine now that she lost over a hundred pounds!

Lori’s success goes beyond health. Despite her passion for traveling, Lori passed up potential trips because of the fear of not fitting in airplane seats. She was also fearful of the seatbelt not being long enough. Also a fan of amusement rides, Lori stayed home while her family took amusement park trips due to her size and her lack of energy. She cannot wait to ride a roller coaster this coming summer!

A very spiritual person, Lori credits her faith in God for her success along with her true readiness to do something about her weight. She also applauds CONCI (Central Ohio Nutrition Center) for providing support, education, and medical monitoring while on a very low calorie diet.

Lori’s weight loss journey continues, but she has already come a long way! Lori states, “Life is changing and it gets better each day.”