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Lori: 35 lbs. Lost

Lori 35 lbs Lost

Lori Gramke has more medical problems than most women her age. Chronic arthritic pain kept her from being physically active like she once was. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle and a less than healthy diet resulted in a gradual and steady weight gain. Last year Lori found herself in the emergency room with a heart issue. She was told her cholesterol was extremely high at 375, and that she needed to immediately change her diet and lifestyle. Lori was rattled that she was having heart-related problems, remembering that her dad died suddenly of a heart attack 4 years ago. Having just recently become a grandmother for the first time and wanting to see her grandson grow up, Lori planned to take the doctor’s advice seriously.

Although she didn’t have as much weight to lose as the typical OPTIFAST patient, Lori chose to follow the OPTIFAST program to lose 35 pounds. With having numerous health concerns, the weekly medical monitoring during the diet appealed to Lori as being a safe approach to weight loss. She liked the fact that she would be seen by both a physician and a dietitian weekly. In 12 weeks Lori lost 30 pounds. While she transitioned from the OPTIFAST shakes to a maintenance food plan, she lost an additional 5 pounds.

Lori describes herself as a new woman! Her cholesterol level has come down to the normal range. She is less fearful of heart problems knowing she has made changes that put her at less risk. Having been athletic when younger, Lori is proud to say that she can run again! She loves how she looks in her clothes and loves when her coworkers address her as “Slim!”

Lori had the strong will, determination, and discipline that it takes to lose weight. She has an open mind about trying new foods and learning nutrition tips from the registered dietitians. She asks questions to better prepare herself to keep the weight off. She plans to see a dietitian at least once a month to remain accountable. She realizes and is accepting of the fact that maintenance of a weight loss is hard work.