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Margaret: 46 lbs. Lost

Margaret 46 lbs Lost

As is all too common with middle-aged women, Margaret Owens, over the course of 20 plus years and two children, gained weight. Although at a higher weight than she would have liked, Margaret managed to maintain that weight for quite a few years. However, in 2005 she quit smoking which resulted in a gain of an additional 35 pounds.

In addition to seeing her doctor for health issues that were closely tied to weight, Margaret now felt unattractive and frustrated with her inability to lose weight. She was “tired of feeling tired.” She knew something had to change, and it had to be drastic.

Margaret chose the OPTIFAST program because she had seen it work in her own family. Her mother lost 80 pounds using OPTIFAST years ago. Describing herself as a food addict, Margaret felt OPTIFAST offered a way to lose weight that fit her needs. She felt she would be more successful by taking food totally out of the equation.

In six months Margaret lost 46 pounds and dropped from 37% body fat to 28%. Her cholesterol normalized. She no longer becomes winded when climbing steps. Proud of her accomplishment, Margaret states that she “just feels better physically” in all ways. She is now wearing sizes that are close to those she wore when she was first married.

A huge part of Margaret’s motivation can be credited to her daughter who is seen pictured with her mother. Unhappy after having gained weight a few years ago, her daughter took an interest in learning about food and nutrition. Through proper eating and exercise, Margaret’s daughter lost her unwanted pounds. Because of her own experience, her daughter understood how difficult weight loss is. She became her mom’s biggest cheerleader/supporter. After seeing the positive changes that weight loss made for herself and for her mother both mentally and physically, her daughter plans to study nutrition in college so that she can help others with the challenge of weight loss. The positive direction that her daughter has taken in her own life is another “benefit” that Margaret has gained from her own weight loss.

Margaret’s expectations for maintenance are realistic. She knows that she is not finished. Her mother’s challenge of keeping off weight over the years has convinced Margaret that the process is on-going. She knows she needs a strategy, she needs accountability, and she needs support. She has all of those needs in place. Margaret has also chosen to participate in CONCI’S phentermine study which is designed to evaluate how well this medication helps with weight maintenance. She is hoping to see the same positive results others in the study have seen.

Margaret has become observant of other overweight individuals’ eating habits. She found it startling to see her old self in others. With no surprise in her voice Margaret stated, “No wonder I was heavy.”