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Marita S: 74 lbs Lost

Marita Weight Loss Success

Marita S., a retired social worker, came to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center  in 2013 to finish what she started about ten years ago. Having been overweight for a very long time, Marita managed to drop 78 pounds from 2003 until 2013. She felt that once she retired, she would dedicate herself to losing the remaining weight.

Marita was concerned about her health.  On medication for her blood pressure, she was anxious to get to a weight where she no longer needed a prescription drug to control it. Already having had one knee replaced, she wanted to prevent any future joint replacements.

Marita lost 54 pounds on the OPTIFAST program in seven months.  She succeeded in reaching her goal of no longer needing blood pressure medication.  Her energy level improved, and she could travel more easily by car, not needing to stop frequently because of knee pain. Not being recognized by others has been a rewarding and fun experience for her.

In March 2014 Marita began a weight loss medication to help with maintenance. She continues to visit CONCI every two weeks for the accountability that, along with lifestyle change and medication, has kept her successful. Since starting the medication, Marita has lost an additional 20 pounds and two more inches off her waist. Marita lost a total of 74 pounds at CONCI.  Added to the 78 pounds she has already lost, her total weight loss is 152 pounds!  While a patient at CONCI, her BMI dropped from 36 to 23, she lost 12 inches off her waist, she dropped from size 16 to size 12, and her body fat dropped from 40% to 25%.

Weight loss is possible at any age. Willingness to change eating habits, exercising to the best of one’s ability, and a good attitude all contribute to long-term success.