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Mark: 122 lbs. Lost

Mark: 122 lbs Lost

Recent research confirms that sitting is hazardous to our health. Mark Lee is a good example of this fact. Working as a bus driver the past 16 years, Marks sits for a good part of his day. His weight has steadily climbed over that 16 year time span. When he reached 346 pounds in June 2011, mobility became an issue and it was time to stop ignoring the steady weight gain. He knew his job would continue to require the long hours of sitting, but he also knew that he could be in charge of his activity level before and after work. He also knew that he could be in control of what he put in his mouth if he was motivated enough to commit to making changes.

Mobility was not the only issue that got Mark’s attention. Although he is only 49, Mark was already on 3 medications for diabetes and 2 for high blood pressure. He was dealing with painful arthritis in his feet and sleep apnea requiring treatment with a C-PAP.

The challenge of losing over 100 pounds was overwhelming and brought Mark to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center to find out about the OPTIFAST program. Mark started the program in June 2011 and, in 8 months, lost 122 pounds.

Weight loss has significantly improved Mark’s health. He now requires only 1 of the 3 diabetic medications he was taking and only 1 of the 2 medications for high blood pressure. His sleep apnea is improved to the degree that he no longer needs the C-PAP. He is enjoying much improved self esteem. Now exercising on a regular basis, Mark is proud of his improved flexibility.

In regard to maintaining his weight loss, Mark is inspired by a fellow bus driver who lost a significant amount of weight over a year ago and continues to keep it all off. He knows he will continue to sit for long periods due to the nature of his job. He commits himself to exercise and less sitting when not at work. Why? Because sitting is hazardous to our health.