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Mark B: 147 lbs Lost

mark b weight loss success

Mark B. readily admits that, at 314 pounds, he could no longer function at a normal level. Reality stung when his doctor told him he was morbidly obese. Even worse, he owned the medical diagnoses of high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver, and reflux. He was disgusted at what he let happen to himself. In the process of looking for a new job at age 52, he knew it would be difficult, especially being morbidly obese and in poor health. Mark was miserable, depressed, and started drinking too much as a way to cope. His self-esteem hit an all-time low.

On the advice of his physician, Mark came to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center to start the OPTIFAST program. Mark had his doubts as to his ability to follow a liquid diet, but thanks to determination and discipline, he proved himself wrong. Seeing a weight loss each week gave him the momentum to continue. In addition, he felt strongly that the weekly visits to the clinic kept him accountable and on track. In eight months Mark lost 147 pounds and 47% of his weight.

His BMI (body mass index) dropped from an unhealthy 49 to 26. Waist size dropped from 60 inches to 36. Mark was thrilled with changes in his appearance, but he knew his real victory was the improvement in his overall health. His bloodwork results improved significantly, and he was able to discontinue several prescription medications.

What seemed like small victories were big ones for Mark. Going up stairs became effortless. Bending to pick something up off the floor was no longer a challenge. His sleep improved dramatically leaving him alert for the entire day. Mark encouraged his 12 year old daughter to start working out and eating healthy. Mark beamed when she call her dad her inspiration!

One never knows who else is affected by another’s weight loss. Two of Mark’s favorite pizza restaurants called asking why they had not seen him in a while. Also, salespeople at the big & tall store where Mark shopped became emotional when Mark told them he no longer had a need to shop there! Hopefully, his success will continue to inspire others to improve their life by addressing their weight.