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Maxine D: 42 lbs. Lost

Throughout her adult life Maxine D. was happy to have been healthy enough to avoid prescription medication, but a doctor recently suggested she start a drug to reduce her blood pressure. She knew the reason her pressure was elevated was due to her weight. Realizing that her excess weight was what caused her to feel sluggish and tired enough to require a nap every afternoon, Maxine set out to find a professional office that could help her with her weight problem. New to the area and at a loss for where to go for help with her weight, Maxine eventually heard about the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.

Maxine met with a registered dietitian there, hoping to be pointed in the right direction with a food plan that would get her weight moving in the right direction. Her dietitian suggested she consider the OPTIFAST program to lose 40 pounds quickly but safely. The required weekly visits appealed to Maxine because the frequent visits would give her the opportunity to receive the nutrition education that she would need for maintenance.

In just six months Maxine lost 42 pounds. “I love CONCI! The one-on-one with a dietitian provided me with the personal help I needed.” Her health is the best it has been in years and she has no need for blood pressure medication. Less tired and more alert, she is enjoying life and her family. She has discovered that the best place to shop now is right in her own closet! Maxine considers the way she looks now after weight loss a “bonus” to her improved health.

Maxine shared that she was embarrassed being overweight especially because her two daughters are health conscious healthy eaters who keep their families on target. She can now discuss healthy food habits with them since she is practicing them herself.
Maxine remains motivated by the way she feels and looks. She is more confident about food choices because of the education she received at CONCI. Taking advantage of everything CONCI offers in a maintenance plan, Maxine continues to use a limited amount of OPTIFAST to help keep calories in check.

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