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Melissa and Shayne lost 201 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

This year is a big year for Melissa and Shayne Phipps. They celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. More importantly, they celebrate it being healthier than they have been in years.

Melissa was worried about Shayne’s health. Although only in his 40’s, he was starting to develop medical problems. Having struggled with his weight since high school, he hit his highest weight, 357, in March of 2009. When forced to buy size 52 inch waist pants, Shayne knew his eating habits were out of control.

Although Shayne’s health was Melissa’s main concern, she also wanted to address her weight. With their anniversary approaching, she wanted to look as much as possible like the girl Shayne married 25 years ago.

The couple started the OPTIFAST program in April 2009. They took on the challenge as a team. When in need of motivation, each had the other for support.

In 10 months, Melissa lost 83 pounds and Shayne lost 112. Now, a year later, Melissa reached a total weight loss of 100 pounds which equals 40% of her initial body weight!

Shayne lost 32% of his initial body weight with a 116 pound loss.

Melissa shaved 15 inches off her waist while Shayne took his belt in by 7 inches. More importantly, they are enjoying a higher energy level, better sleep, and a wonderful sense of well-being.

Research has shown that just a 10% reduction in weight can result in marked improvement in health. The couple gave themselves the gift of health by far exceeding a 10% loss.

The Phipps know that the challenge continues. They have learned the importance of habit change and exercise. They understand the importance of support and accountability. Their maintenance program includes a visit to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center every two weeks. They have taken responsibility for their health by partnering with the professionals at CONCI.