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Michael: 128 lbs. Lost

Michael 128 lbs Lost

For years Michael H. kept putting off doing something about his weight. With weight now threatening his health and quality of life, Michael stated that he first got angry about not taking better care of himself, and then became scared of the possible consequences of not acting on his excess weight. Now in his 50’s, Michael decided it was time to stop the perpetual procrastination and make some changes.

Michael’s primary care physician suggested he try the OPTIFAST program. Feeling comfortable about his physician’s recommendation, he started the program in October of 2012. By May of 2013, Michael had lost 118 pounds in just 7 months. Since he transitioned back to a food plan, he has lost an additional 10 pounds for a total of 128!

Before starting the diet, Michael’s blood pressure was high and poorly controlled. His blood pressure is now normal without the use of medication. His blood sugar and cholesterol, both elevated before losing weight, are now normal. He no longer fits the profile for metabolic syndrome as he had before weight loss. Body Mass Index (BMI) dropped from 42 to a much healthier 26. Percentage body fat plummeted from 36 to 17. Due to weight loss, Michael is taking much better care of himself and taking responsibility for his health.

Other good things happen as a result of weight loss. Michael enjoys every aspect of movement since it does not require the effort it did previously. Others view him differently and take him more seriously now that he carries less weight. It feels good to “fit in.”

Michael’s advice to others is to “remember that you are human and that weight loss is tough to do alone. Join a reputable program with professionals who can help you through the process and continue to provide support after you reach your goal.”