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Michael and Charleen: 129 lbs Lost Combined

Michael and Charleen Weight Loss Success

Michael and Charleen Hocking call themselves “Team Hocking.”  They have taken an amazing weight lost journey together and consider themselves a team – each needed the other as they lost weight and each continues to rely on the other for on-going support and encouragement.

Michael was overweight his entire life.  At age 30 his weight hit a high of close to 300 pounds. Over the years Michael managed to lose 44 pounds, but, in March of 2014, ten years later, he was stuck at 248.  Excess weight took its toll on his health, both physically and mentally. He had become a diabetic and was on medication to control his blood sugar. His self-confidence was poor.

Charleen, Michael’s wife, was in her 40’s and over 50 pounds overweight.  When she and Michael were married, she promised herself that she would fit into her wedding gown each anniversary. As weight slowly crept upward, Charleen failed to keep that promise to herself. She was also seeing the negative impact her weight was having on her health.  Not happy with how she looked or felt, and knowing her husband felt the same way about himself, Charleen convinced her husband to do the OPTIFAST program with her.

In four months Michael lost 74 pounds and Charleen was down 55. They kept each other motivated, and they both took advantage of the education and support provided by the CONCI dietitians. Feeling well equipped with the tools necessary for maintenance due to attending the educational opportunities offered at CONCI, they understand the need for behavior change.

Mike is 118 pounds less than his highest weight ten years ago! His BMI (body mass index) is now a healthy 25. Wearing size 32 pants is a welcome change from size 44. His triglyceride level, very elevated prior to weight loss, dropped to normal range.  He now requires only half the dose of diabetic medication taken previously.

Charleen’s health has also improved. Wearing smaller clothes is exciting. The wedding dress fits again!  High heels have returned as part of her wardrobe.  Her biggest joy, however, has been watching her husband shrink physically, but grow in confidence.  She is thrilled to see his health, both physical and emotional, improve tremendously.

This couple is a good example of how effective the buddy system can be when participating in a weight loss program together.  One person can offer support and accountability to the other, which often improves compliance.  A real plus to a husband and wife going through the program together is the understanding that BOTH have about how food habits must change for long term maintenance.