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Michael G: 87 lbs Lost

michael g weight loss success

Michael G. was at a comfortable weight eight years ago. Around that time he made the wise decision to stop smoking and to stop drinking. His weight climbed steadily upward after making those major behavioral changes. At age 54, Michael reached an all-time high weight and felt awful physically. His list of health problems included high cholesterol, sleep apnea, back pain, and blood sugar that was inching towards the level indicating diabetes. His legs and feet ached badly. Michael also felt awful mentally. He hated being called “Big Mike.” He was miserable and stated “I need this weight off!”

The Central Ohio Nutrition Center was recommended to Michael by two of his doctors. After researching OPTIFAST, Michael felt comfortable following this approach to weight loss. Because of the diet being medically monitored and because he would have a registered dietitian as a coach/educator, he felt hopeful that this would be the program he so desperately needed. In just five and a half months, Michael lost 87 pounds and reached his goal weight.

Michael is no longer miserable physically and mentally. Pain in his legs and feet is gone. He can walk long distances and has been able to remodel his home without experiencing any pain. His cholesterol and blood sugar are within normal limits. With his pant size dropping from a tight 44 to size 34, Michael was thrilled to go to his daughter’s wedding “fit and trim.”

Now in the maintenance phase of the program, Michael has adopted a different way of eating. A questionnaire he filled out prior to starting the diet indicated he ate out as many as 13 of 21 meals each week.  Drastically decreasing the frequency of dining out was a major change that Michael had to accept as being necessary to keep from regaining the weight he lost. Exercise is something Michael made the decision to make time for. He is at his local gym every other day. When his work takes his out of town, he makes it a priority to use the gym in his hotel. Using OPTIFAST as an occasional meal replacement is another helpful tool in Michael’s maintenance toolbox.

Michael “needed his weight off” and, through determination and a solid diet and nutrition program, he succeeded in achieving what he wanted. His friends can’t call him Big Mike anymore.