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Nydia and Beth: 110 lbs. lost

Nydia and Beth 110 lbs Lost

Although not yet at their goal weights at the end of last year, Nydia Guzman and Beth Bowman were CONCI’S featured patients back in December 2012. At that time, their combined weight loss was 84 pounds. This update describes their weight loss journey since that time and how they reached their ultimate goal of losing a combined 110 pounds.

Both mother and daughter experienced a gradual weight gain over their adult years. Having a family that is very close and always together, there was always something to celebrate and food played a big role in that celebration.

For Nydia, with age came worry about declining health. With a family history of diabetes, Nydia feared developing the disease and knew that weight loss was a way to decrease that risk. By losing weight, she also hoped to no longer need medication for high blood pressure.

Although young and in good health, Beth was aware of her family history. She wanted to lose weight to ensure continued good health. Fearful of obesity in her own children, Beth wanted to set a good example of taking care of one’s body through good nutrition and exercise. First, however, had to be her personal challenge of losing weight.

Both mother and daughter started the OPTIFAST program last summer. Equally motivated to reach their individual goals, mother and daughter were great support for each other. Nydia and Beth took advantage of the support offered by CONCI staff. Although they knew they would be facing the holidays while still on the diet, neither let the holidays interfere with their progress. They approached the holidays with a different attitude toward food as they sought for themselves the gift of good health through weight loss.

In 10 months Nydia lost 85 pounds and decreased her BMI from an unhealthy 43 to 28! Nydia had both high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, a common diagnosis for someone who is overweight. After losing just 36 of her 85 pounds, she no longer required blood pressure medication. With just a 15% change in her weight, she was seeing good things happen in regards to her health. Also, she no longer fits the criteria for metabolic syndrome! Nydia describes having a better quality of life overall. She has more energy, walks without shortness of breath, is able to exercise, and certainly enjoys a summer wardrobe much different (and smaller) than last year!

Beth lost the 25 pounds she wanted to lose in just 4 months. She has more self confidence, feels in better control of her health, and is the role model she wants to be for her children.

Nydia shared that their family get-togethers will be less food-oriented with focus placed where it should be – on family and friends.