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Nydia and Beth: 84 lbs. Lost

Nydia and Beth Weight Loss Success

Combined Loss of 84 Pounds…

Nydia Guzman and Beth Bowman are mother and daughter and represent success in progress. Both experienced a gradual weight gain over their adult years. Mother and daughter started the OPTIFAST program in July of 2012, both are still losing weight on the program, and each has made significant progress. Their combined weight loss so far is 84 pounds! Beth is close to her goal, while her mom hopes to lose an additional 25 pounds. Both women are not letting the holidays interfere with their progress. They are approaching the holidays with a different attitude towards food as they seek for themselves the gift of good health through weight loss. A real plus for this mother/daughter team is that they can support each other during their journey together.

With a family history of diabetes, Nydia wants to lose weight to decrease her risk of developing the disease. By losing weight she had hoped to no longer need medication for high blood pressure. In just 2 months she lost 36 pounds and was told by her doctor to stop taking her medication as she no longer needed it. Beth started the program in good health but is also aware of her family history. She is determined to lose weight to ensure continued good health.