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Maintaining a Weight Loss IS Possible!

A Patient’s Recipe for Success

Pam: 138 lbs lost

Pam started her transformation in December 2012 when she began the OPTIFAST program. In 15 months she lost 138 pounds! Reaching her goal in February 2014, she experienced the many positive changes that weight loss made in her life. She considers herself fortunate enough to “have her life back,” and vows she will never regain the weight.

Fast forward 4 years! It is now 2018 and, not only has Pam maintained her entire weight loss, but she has lost an additional 10-15 pounds! Pam is a great example that maintaining a weight loss is possible! Pam was recently asked to share her thoughts on why she is successful. Her “recipe for success” can be found below.

“I eat more meals prepared at home. I eat balanced meals. Water intake is also still one of the keys to my success!! I still have an OPTIFAST shake for breakfast each day. Some days I’ll have a few more OPTIFAST shakes if I have over indulged OR if I plan to over indulge. I do not omit foods or food groups. It is about balance and moderation for me – I have omitted behaviors, not foods.

I do eat out, but much less often than I used to. I will dine out about 1 or 2 times each week but at much healthier places, and I make much better choices. No fast food! No eating in the car! Eating in the car is a behavior that I have had to omit along with eating directly from a bag or container that holds far more than I know I should have.

Now that it has been 4 years, I can say that my new way of eating has become second nature, BUT it took a solid year after hitting goal to figure out how much to eat and the amount of exercise needed to maintain. I still occasionally allow myself an indulgence, but I plan ahead or make up for it afterward. To “make up for it” I replace extra meals with OPTIFAST and/or exercise a bit more. The reality of life is that there will be moments of indulgence. The difference is that now I plan for those moments and realize that I must make up for those extra calories.

My body has changed and to the good thanks to exercise. I do have some lose skin but what is under the skin is more muscular especially when I keep up with leg lifts, planks and squats. I can TOTALLY tell when I am slacking – then I kick it into high gear again. My normal exercise routine is a minimum of 5 days / week – 1 hour on the treadmill and then free weights or body weight exercises for 10 to 15 minutes. When I kick into high gear I add more weight work or add a second workout to my days for a couple of weeks or so – depending on the situation.

I am by no means perfect, but I catch myself sooner and sooner as time goes on. It is a HUGE help to have healthy eating partners. I used to have people to go out with for totally unhealthy meals – I have had to stop eating out with most of those folks because I sometimes THINK I still want to eat like I used to (kind of like an addict that must change their friends when they get sober). 99% of the time, when I have a meal or a day in which I eat like I used to, I suffer by way of gastrointestinal issues or an overall “yuck” feeling.

I just turned 50 and I feel better than I have since I was 21 years old!!! I’m half the person but twice the woman I was!” I wouldn’t be here without CONCI’S help. I continue to go to CONCI once a month for education, encouragement and accountability.”