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Patrick B: 78 lbs Lost

Patrick B Weight Loss Success

The following letter was sent to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center by Patrick B., a current patient at the Gahanna office. He lost 78 pounds in five months on the OPTIFAST program and is transitioning to a maintenance plan.

I worked in a high-stress construction career all my adult life and often didn’t take proper care of myself. Over the years I gradually slowed down and gained weight little by little until I weighed over 300 pounds. My doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes which meant I would have to take medication. When my blood sugar began to spike despite medication, I began feeling extremely sluggish.

I heard about the Central Ohio Nutrition Center from a friend who had lost weight through their program. I decided that it was time to lose weight and take control of my health so that I can live to see all six of my grandchildren graduate from college, the youngest being a newborn.

My diabetes stats (A1C) went from 7.9 to 6.0 after losing about 65 pounds on the OPTIFAST program. I no longer require the two diabetes drugs that I had been taking. Currently I have lost about 78 pounds, and I am feeling more energetic. I can go up and down steps easily without holding onto the railing. I barely ever have pain from my arthritis which was a daily issue for me before. I feel a lot more limber thanks to the diet and exercise program that I am on. I am also pleased to see a drop in my pant size from 46 to 40!

I am close to my goal weight and am beginning to transition off the program by replacing some of the shakes with sensible food choices. One of the program’s registered dietitians is guiding me through transition along with providing support during the anxiety-producing transition back to food.

Since beginning the program, two of my close friends have watched my success and have decided to start going to CONCI themselves. One of them just started and lost 16 pounds in the first week on the program. The other friend has been on the program about three months and has lost 56 pounds.  

What I liked best about the program is that the staff is helpful and supportive during the weight loss phase, consistently educates the patient on how to make good food choices, and teaches how to incorporate more activity into everyday life. CONCI has developed a good support system for people who have struggled with their weight.