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Randall M: 100 lbs. Lost

Randall lost 100 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Man Discontinues Diabetic Medication After 100 Pound Loss

Randall Moore is a CONCI patient with an interesting story. Randall had never heard of OPTIFAST. Even if he had, he was leery of “those programs that promise the world if you just try it.” Then, last year, he met someone who had tremendous success with the OPTIFAST program. He was introduced to OPTIFAST a second time when his physician encouraged him to join the program. Randall weighed 350 pounds. His doctor warned Randal that, since he was diabetic as well as having other health issues, he would be facing major health problems if he did not lose the weight. Still, Randall was somewhat skeptical.

In July of 2008, Randall made the decision that he would try the OPTIFAST program at some point. He had decided on the “what”, but had not decided on the “when.” With football season not far off (along with the tailgate parties that he loved), he felt he should put off starting the program until January 2009.

Shortly after making his decision to postpone starting the diet, a man walked past him with JUST DO IT printed on his tee shirt. Reading that message made Randal start to think about his weak reasons for postponing what he knew he needed to do. Not one of the reasons was important enough to justify the delay in getting started. He decided to begin the OPTIFAST program immediately.

Randall lost 85 pounds and 10 inches around his waist in eight months on OPTIFAST. He can now do things that were not possible at 350 pounds. Air travel has become easier. He doesn’t have to worry about what kind of seats a restaurant has. Best of all, he is no longer taking medication for diabetes! His total weight loss is now 100 pounds! Randall continues to stay connected by attending CONCI’S maintenance classes.

Tired of being overweight and overwhelmed? Tired of hearing your doctor lecture you about losing weight? Contact the specialists at CONCI who can help you find what will work for you and support you through that process. Success can be a phone call away!