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Rebecca Y: 114 lbs. Lost

Rebecca 114 lbs Lost

For years Rebecca Y. struggled with weight gain, never being able to control her eating habits. Not seeing herself the way other people saw her also kept her from addressing her weight issue. She remembers the day that enough was enough. When she was 41 weeks pregnant and in the delivery unit waiting room, waiting to be called back for an induction of labor, someone naively asked if she was there to support a friend or family member who was about to give birth. This comment from a stranger made her realize that she was overweight to the point that a full-term pregnancy was not even apparent! She was finally able to admit to herself that she was morbidly obese, addicted to food, and guilty of binge eating.
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It was time to decide how to deal with this problem. Rebecca watched a co-worker melt away her weight drinking OPTIFAST shakes. She was intrigued. After long discussions with the co-worker who was successful on the OPTIFAST program, her husband, and a lot of prayer, Rebecca decided to try it. She had a lot of critics along the way but decided to let the results speak for themselves. Motivation, will power and strength came from her readiness to change. During the 5 months when Rebecca was using OPTIFAST shakes as her sole source of nutrition, she lost 84 pounds. She then transitioned to a low calorie food plan and lost an additional 30 pounds! A total weight loss of 114 pounds has changed her life.

Rebecca used her time on OPTIFAST to refocus. She studied exercise, diet and restored her relationship with God. Eating out no longer had the appeal that it used to. She found a new passion for preparing healthy meals for friends and family, exercising and motivating other women to achieve their health and fitness goals. No longer being overweight freed her from the embarrassment, shame, self-pity, disgust and worry of what others were thinking when they looked at her. Taking 10 months to lose 114 pounds was no time at all compared to the benefits reaped. Rebecca states “OPTIFAST was the bridge I needed to be able to live the rest of my life the way God intended it: happy, healthy and for Him. I have been given one of the most life changing compliments in the past few months by an incredible friend. For the first time in my life, I believe it, because I know it’s true!”