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Richard L: 71 lbs Lost

Richard L Weight Loss Success

As 68-year-old Richard L. looked back in time, his mental picture of himself was that of a man who carried a significant amount of excess weight for most his life. Always having been active in various sports despite being overweight, his activity level seemed to allow him to dodge the negative effects that weight can have on health. He was about 50 years old when his health started to deteriorate. Richard was diagnosed with a multitude of weight-related medical issues including a severe leg infection which hospitalized him. With that came a drastic decrease in mobility. The drop in activity level brought on more weight which led to worsening health. As his weight continued to climb, the number of prescription medications he took increased. He knew he was facing a dim future regarding his health and an isolated life due to mobility issues if he did not make some changes.

Richard is no stranger to dieting. Over the course of his adult life, he lost a significant amount of weight a number of times, but always gained it back. Years ago he took off 80 pounds on OPTIFAST and kept the weight off for four years. Motivated by his daughter’s upcoming wedding, Richard decided it was time  to get himself out of the mess he had gotten himself into. Successful and comfortable with the OPTIFAST program in the past, he decided to get his weight off again in the same manner.

In seven months he lost 71 pounds and drastically improved his health. Bloodwork and blood pressure gradually improved as he lost weight. He sleeps and breathes better. Several prescription medications have been reduced in dosage or eliminated completely. He fits more comfortably in his clothes and in chairs. He has more energy and can climb stairs more easily and exercise more actively. He has delayed, if not eliminated, the need for a hip replacement. Losing weight allowed him to get a new, smaller, lighter, better fitting prosthetic leg. Overall, Richard’s health and quality of life have improved greatly.

Two months into his diet he and his wife took a three-week car trip to California for his daughter’s wedding. He was happy to have off 30 pounds at the time of the wedding. While away Richard continued to lose weight. He came back to Ohio 16 pounds lighter than when he left!

Richard stresses the importance of a strong support system and the need for sustainability of the weight loss. He credits his wife Marianne for her encouragement throughout his weight loss journey. By his side for every visit to the clinic, she was a constant cheer leader, keeping him focused and on task. Now that he is on maintenance and no longer visiting the clinic weekly, the CONCI staff looks forward to Richard’s occasional visits. He intends to use a limited amount of OPTIFAST daily as part of his maintenance plan.