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Rob’s Success Story

157 pounds lost in 8 months

Rob B., a patient at CONCI’S Grove City office, lost 157 pounds in 8 months on the OPTIFAST program.  Below is Rob’s essay he submitted to Nestle’s NEW YOU Contest. Each year Nestle (owner of the OPTIFAST brand) sponsors the NEW YOU contest for OPTIFAST patients across the country.  This national contest is designed to recognize patients for their commitment to good health and well-being.  The contest is about patients’ stories, experiences, insights and successes on their OPTIFAST weight loss journey.  Winners have the unique opportunity to share their stories – stories that can help inspire others. Rob was one of three winners for 2017 chosen from entries from all over the country.  Rob, as well as the other two winners, enjoyed a wonderful trip to New York City last October.  A make-over, a spa visit, and a $1,000 gift card were among the gifts received.

A year ago I was the stereotypical IT guy…overweight and sitting in a chair all day.  I was 31 years old, 406 pounds, and unhappy with my life.  I had hit a personal low as my weight continued to increase. During a trip to Boston with friends, I came to the realization that my weight was holding me back.  I was in pain, tired, and felt isolated.  Then, I made the decision to join the OPTIFAST program in Columbus.  My goal was to reset my relationship with food and my body, and to jumpstart my weight loss with the help of experienced professionals.  With the help of classes and staff counseling at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, I’ve learned a lot about eating right and avoiding the pitfalls that made me obese in the first place.  But most importantly, my confidence and self-image have improved.

Though it’s cliché, I’ve gained a new lease on life as I have lost the weight.  Things that I was never able to do in the past are now easy for me.  I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and now I can fit comfortably in a single airplane seat.  I’m able to keep up with friends when walking around town and sightseeing.  I take the stairs each day at work rather than the elevator and have taken up kickboxing and bike riding in my spare time.  I have improved my relationship with my family and found happiness in new love.  Each of these areas of my life wouldn’t have been possible a year ago.  Losing the weight has been the biggest challenge of my life, but has also been the greatest blessing.  OPTIFAST gave me a second chance at life as well as a huge confidence boost and helped me reset myself for a better life.

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