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Robin R: 82 lbs Lost

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Robin R. loved working as an elementary school music teacher. Her music class involved lots of movement and activity, including getting up and down off the floor. As Robin moved through her 40’s, her weight began a slow but steady creep upward. In addition to feeling uncomfortable due to extra weight, her rheumatoid arthritis grew progressively worse, aggravated by the onset of osteoarthritis in her knees. She found that getting up off the floor in the classroom becoming increasingly difficult. At the age of 50, Robin had a stroke. During her recovery, her weight continued to spiral out of control. Robin knew she had to do something about her weight.

In November of 2015, six months after her stroke, Robin decided to give herself the gift of good health by committing to a weight loss plan. Despite the upcoming holiday season, Robin chose the OPTIFAST program and proceeded with dedication and enthusiasm. She took advantage of the education offered by the CONCI dietitians and attended all classes. Understanding the importance of physical activity, Robin strived to achieve 12,000 steps per day. She navigated challenges such as professional conferences, family celebrations, travel, and surgery in a calm and self-assured manner.

By June 2016 and seven months after starting her diet, Robin had lost 72 pounds! She began a slow transition to a healthy food diet, and in July she was down an additional ten pounds. Other impressive changes included dropping from size 16 to size 4, losing ten inches off her waist, and having far less knee and joint pain. Improved mobility has her getting up off the floor much more easily.

Robin continues to maintain her 82 pound loss. She is dedicated to weighing daily, food tracking, and careful planning. She stays accountable to CONCI dietitians by visiting the clinic twice monthly and regularly attends a maintenance class. She is a great example that “knowledge is power.” When asked about her thoughts regarding maintenance, she stated, “It takes work, but my food preferences and relationship with food have changed so much that   my ‘new normal’ seems natural.”