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Rudy: 169 lbs Lost

Rudy weight loss success

169 lb Weight Loss Improves Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

Rudy thinks he has tried every weight loss program out there. Nothing seemed to work.

Tired of failing at one weight-loss attempt after another, Rudy desperately searched for a program that would make a difference. Having gotten to a weight that was negatively impacting his health, Rudy knew he had to find that program quickly. That program was the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI).

Despite his young age, Rudy’s medical problems were significant. He was dealing with poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. These medical problems are greatly impacted by weight. Weighing 370 pounds, Rudy knew he needed to do something right away.

Rudy started the OPTIFAST program in July 2002. By Christmas Day, Rudy had lost 139 pounds. He was so determined to accomplish his goal that he had no difficulty following such a restricted diet during the holiday season. Rudy reached his goal weight and continues to maintain it. In fact, after resuming a food diet, Rudy lost an additional 30 pounds.

Rudy’s success extends beyond his weight loss. His blood pressure and blood sugar readings have decreased significantly; he requires less medication and no longer requires his C-pap machine for sleep apnea. He feels ‘better than ever,’ he says. Thanks to what he learned at CONCI, Rudy has refocused his attention to what really matters – good health through good nutrition and exercise.

Today, Rudy maintains his 169-pound weight loss through a consistent exercise program and healthy food. His improvement in his medical conditions and his quality of life continue to motivate him to succeed at maintaining his weight loss.