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Sally R: 66 lbs Lost

Sally R 66 lbs Lost

Sally R. saw her mother struggle with obesity and witnessed the toll that excess weight and diabetes can have on a person. Although aware of its negative effect on quality of life, Sally found herself equally overweight. As her weight continued to climb, Sally became disgusted when she walked past a window and saw her reflection. Her body image and self-confidence continued to deteriorate, and she began to avoid being out in public. She stayed at home more and more.

Last fall Sally noticed a coworker’s shaker with the OPTIFAST logo on it. Seeing that shaker reminded her of how her mother lost 100 pounds on the OPTFAST program many years ago. Her mother, now deceased, kept the weight off for 20 years. Committed to losing weight by participating in a medically monitored program, she willingly drove 1½ hours each week from southern Ohio to an OPTIFAST center in Columbus. Living conveniently close to CONCI, Sally had no reason to put off what she knew she needed to do. She followed her mother’s footsteps and called CONCI.

Sally followed the OPTIFAST program for two months and lost 37 pounds. She then transitioned to a food plan and has lost an additional 29 pounds. Sally is convinced that eating is an addiction that requires “staying in treatment” for accountability. She continues to visit CONCI every two weeks.

Sally’s health and quality of life have both improved. Her iron level was low before starting the diet. After receiving such great nutrition from the OPTIFAST product, her iron level is high enough for her to resume donating blood. She now realizes how poor her diet was. She was overfed but undernourished.

Since she is no longer anemic and 66 pounds lighter, her energy level has skyrocketed. Her waist is 13 inches smaller! She smiles as she describes being able to wear her daughter’s clothes. Her poor body image is a thing of the past, and she is now happy to be social again.

Sally shared a very touching personal story. She recalls that her identical twin sister, who was killed in a car accident, remained thin while Sally always seemed to carry excess weight. Now that she has lost weight, when Sally sees her reflection, she sees her twin… and that makes her smile.