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Sandy: 101 lbs. Lost

Sandy weight loss success

True Readiness Results in 101 pound Weight loss

Like so many others, Sandra had tried repeatedly to lose weight. Struggling to get the weight off, she skipped from diet to diet, hoping that each new attempt would be ‘the diet that works.’ Hoping this was the diet for her, Sandra began the Optifast program in February of 2000. Lacking consistent motivation and determination, Sandra was unable to stick to the diet for any length of time. After a few more attempts over the next five years, Sandra came to the realization that she was ‘just not ready’ to lose weight.

Sandra’s wake up call came in August of 2005 when her cardiologist diagnosed her with a heart problem. For health reasons her doctor advised her ‘to lose the weight and keep it off.’ The Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) was the first place she thought of because she knew she would get the support and encouragement, along with the medical supervision, that she needed.

Sandra was 61 years old, 249 pounds and 5 feet 5 inches tall when she began the Optifast program. She was highly committed, weighing in regularly and attending the weekly classes. The hard work paid off with consistent, generous weight losses. Sandra had finally found a plan that worked for her and the encouragement to keep her going.

In just nine months, Sandra lost 101 pounds, bringing her to a weight of 148 pounds. She admits that after speaking to her doctor, she had to be serious this time. The support from her family and the staff at CONCI helped her through, and she stated, ‘Everyone at CONCI is always encouraging and never made me to feel like a failure.’

Sandra has much to celebrate now. She now enjoys the ability to sit down and cross her legs. She is able to live and not ‘just exist.’ Her daughter and she have even become closer, enjoying more time together now that she is able to do more physically.

For anyone considering Optifast or weight loss in general, Sandra feels strongly that they realize weight loss ‘has to be like a job; a life-time commitment.’