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Sandy: 87 lbs. Lost

Sandy: 87 lbs. Lost

Like so many Americans, Sandy Guinto’s weight gain was gradual. A schoolteacher and mother, Sandy leads a hectic life. Losing weight was something she knew she “should do,” but it was hard getting around to it. Sandy’s weight loss attempt started with an exercise program. After exercising regularly for a year, she saw improvement in muscle strength and tone, but no significant weight loss. One day last year Sandy saw a picture of herself and thought “Who is that person?” The picture didn’t match what she felt like inside. It was time to “get around to it” more aggressively.

Sandy’s dad and sister both had heart attacks at an all-to-young age. With her family history, Sandy worried about her own health. She set a goal of losing 50 pounds by her 50th birthday.

Having a friend who did well on the OPTIFAST program, Sandy felt comfortable seeking help at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. She, however, did not think a liquid diet was for her. She decided on the OPTITRIM plan which incorporates one meal daily while using OPTIFAST for her other meals. Knowing she could chew something was important to her. Sandy started the OPTITRIM plan in November of 2011 and, 3 months later (and by her birthday) she had lost 50 pounds. After an additional 4 months, she had lost a total of 87 pounds.

Sandy’s weight loss has been a blessing. She no longer worries about her heart health. Her knees and feet do not hurt at the end of the school day after standing on a cement floor for 8 hours. She no longer snores and is much more flexible. She was thrilled to go zip lining with her family without worrying about being over the weight limit for the activity. Acquaintances use the word “skinny” and her name in the same sentence! She feels she is starting the second half of her life on a positive note.

Sandy speaks highly of CONCI. “The dietitians are very in touch with the reality of weight loss and all the emotional ups and downs that occur. They are cheerleaders to help keep you on track or help you recover from a lapse. I felt like an individual rather than just a customer being placed on a generic program. I was impressed by the fact that I would see a doctor weekly in addition to a dietitian.”

Sandy’s advice to others contemplating weight loss is to “Just try it! Stop saying “What if” and just get started. So many people say ‘What if I don’t like the product? What if my insurance doesn’t cover it? What if I can’t do a liquid diet?’ Have confidence in yourself and just try it.”