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Sasha: 123 Pounds Lost

As Sasha K. looked at pictures taken of her in the summer of 2019, she asked herself “Do I really want to continue this downhill spiral of more and more weight gain as I age?” She admitted to herself how miserable she was, lacking energy and always tired. She made the decision that NOW was the time to change!

What a total transformation Sasha has made! She is the perfect example of the determination it takes to better herself for her own health reasons as well as for her family. In October 2019 and at her highest adult weight, Sasha made the decision to make the weekly drive of one and a half hours to Columbus to participate in the OPTIFAST® program. She loved the fact that she would see both a doctor and a dietitian at every visit. A good friend who had great success with OPTIFAST® was her inspiration. Despite her busy life with work and family, she committed herself to driving 3 hours round trip to shed the weight she desperately wanted off.

Although she was only in her early 40’s, Sasha was already dealing with high blood pressure, reflux, plantar fasciitis, and the early stages of fatty liver. She knew her knee pain, varicose veins, and the swelling in her legs were all primarily due to her weight. Her self-esteem was low, she didn’t enjoy the things she used to, and she didn’t sleep well. Sasha stated, “IT IS TIME for me to put myself and my health first so I can be there for my family and have a better quality of life.” With no significant family history of obesity, Sasha attributed her weight gain as an adult to eating out too frequently, portion sizes that were much too large, consumption of too much sugar and processed foods, and her sedentary lifestyle.

In less than 9 months of complete compliance on the diet, Sasha lost 123 pounds! After just one week on the diet she commented how much better she felt with having more energy and less bloating. Almost immediately after starting OPTIFAST,® she began exercising. With regular exercise, her fitness level kept improving. By the end of November and 25 pounds lighter, she did a run/walk 5K! Realizing the importance of convenience, she turned her garage into a gym!

To Sasha, the rewards of her hard work are many! In addition to her fitness level, her overall health has improved greatly. Both her blood pressure and her liver function tests are back to normal. Her knee pain is gone. Daily activities and walking are no longer impacted by plantar fasciitis

Sasha also has many “fun facts” resulting from weight loss. She dropped from a size 22/24 to size 8/10! For the first time in over 20 years, she bought a new bathing suit! Not having to constantly wear supportive shoes anymore, sandals and flip-flops are back to being part of her wardrobe! Others often either mistake her for her younger sister or don’t recognize her at all! Being able to hike longer and farther with her kids feels so good! She now views exercise as routine as brushing her teeth. The list goes on and on!

The transformation is complete, but Sasha knows hard work is required to be successful with maintenance. Sasha enthusiastically stated, “Hands down, CONCI offers the support, knowledge, and tools to power on AFTER the weight is off, but I know it’s up to me to use those resources. Their team of experts is always there for you. I will constantly remind myself how much better my quality of life is and how much my kids wanted their mommy ‘to be her best!’ I am committed to being a role model for them!”